Université de Strasbourg
  • MSc in Molecular and Supramolecular Chemistry (master de chimie moléculaire et supramoléculaire)
  • MSc in Green Chemistry (master de chimie verte)
  • MSc in Chemistry and Biology (master de chimie et biologie)

For your master's thesis and practical training, join our laboratory. Complete an individual project in the following areas:
  • Synthesis of metallocalixarenes and phosphorus-functionalized cavities.
  • Cyclodextrin functionalisation and tubular catalysts.
  • Large chelators in homogeneous catalysis. Molecular containers.
  • Metallocavitands for intra-cavity catalysis. Funnel complexes.
  • Selective extractants and sensors based on macrocyclic compounds.
  • Chemistry of hemispherical ligands.
  • New chelating ligands for CC and CN cross coupling.
  • Synthesis of N-heterocyclic carbenes. Applications in catalysis and biomedical chemistry.
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